Season 7 airing on Foxtel!

2015  Dec AURORA

If you have been waiting to see Season 7 on Foxtel … the time is very, very near!  Today our producer was given an airing date … so tune into Aurora on 23 December to watch Season 7 of Scrap It TV!!!!  Check your guide for the time in your state.

If you would like 4ME to re-run Season 7 on free-to-air tv, drop them an email and let them know (you can do that HERE).


7 thoughts on “Season 7 airing on Foxtel!

  1. Roslyn Parsons

    I have searched Aurora program from now for the next week and there is no sign of Scrap It TV. I am in NSW.
    Could you advise me when it will be screened Please?
    Roslyn Parsons

    1. cakeandenemy Post author

      I hope you’ve been able to find it Roslyn … word from Foxtel is that the last minute addition to the schedule meant that it took a little time for hte program to catch up 🙂

  2. TracyM #6773

    Thank you for the heads-up!
    I’ve looked through the guide and can’t see it there for the 23rd or even the few days after, so maybe they’re going to swap it with a program that’s already scheduled.
    Please let us know if hear of a time & date Dawn, I can’t wait to watch 🙂

    1. cakeandenemy Post author

      Actually … in this case it’s been Foxtel viewers who have been missing out. This is the first time that Season 7 has aired on Foxtel, and few foxtel viewers have access to 4ME, so they’ve been waiting 18 months to see Season 7. Unfortunately, when the channels choose to air seasons is out of our hands 😦


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