Missing the show?

Hi everyone!

I don’t get to post here as often as I’d like, but since we are now mid-year, and I’ve had a few enquiries about the show, I thought I’d pop over and do a blog post about it.

So, you may have figured out by now that the show is in haitus … we are not filming this year.  The reasons are many and technical, and I will say now … I don’t make those decisions … they’re made much higher up, and I trust the producers with their decisions completely 🙂

I can also let you know that, unfortunately, I am not involved in the programming aspect of the show.  That is totally up to 4ME and Aurora, so if you have questions about programming (maybe you’d like them to replay an earlier season), it’s best to contact the station directly 🙂

When filming time rolled around, I kind of missed the planning, and the hustle & bustle of filming days.  So I have been filming tutorials and craft vlogs for my own YouTube channel.  I’m loving being able to be back in front of the camera again (even if it’s just my laptop), and bringing you some projects, techniques and craft information.  I have a new sense of awe for our editing team … it’s a lot harder than it looks! LOL  If you would like to catch up on the new videos, you can find them HERE.

Big thanks to everyone who has contacted me, missing Scrap It TV.  We are so proud to be the only dedicated papercrafting television show in Australia, with amazing local presenters & sponsors.



One thought on “Missing the show?

  1. Margaret Berryman

    I am missing ScrapIt t.v. I look at the program guide (in vain), but no sign of my favourite program. Will make sure I check out the vlogs you’re doing.
    I will try to contact 4ME as well.


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