Filming Season 7


On 23 March we began filming season 7 of Scrap It TV.  Here is the delightful Rachel Greig of Darkroom Door filming one of her segments.  Looks like a lot of inky fun!

Filming is continuing until the end of April, then there’s the editing and technical stuff that all needs to happen.  Once it’s in the hands of 4ME, we wait for airing dates with baited breath!  Of course, as soon as we have dates, the best place to find them is on our Facebook Page.

We had a lot of feedback about camera angles and close-ups as Season 6 was aired last year, and these were taken into consideration when filming Season 7.  We really hope you’ll love it!


2 thoughts on “Filming Season 7

  1. Tanya Simm

    When is scrap it Tv coming back on. I really miss it as I live in the country and cannot go to craft shows

    1. cakeandenemy Post author

      Tanya, I apologise for the late reply … I didn’t get a notification of your comment. I hope you are enjoying Season 7, which is airing at 6:30pm Friday nights on 4ME (Sydney time, channel 64 and 74). *Dawn*


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